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Welcome to HERSCORE

Teaching individuals like you how to build and boost your credit score

Meet Monique

CEO and founder of HerScore

Hey there!

I'm Monique and the CEO and founder of HerScore and I'm here to serve YOU!


HerScore is a Credit Coaching company on a mission to educate individuals all over North America, using credit literacy and mindset transformation strategies. The techniques taught by HerScore help individuals like you build and boost their credit score from poor to excellent to begin the process of generating wealth.


I help individuals like you:

  • Prepare for home ownership

  • Finance a vehicle

  • Get approved for loans

  • Obtain Tenancy

  • Acquire a mobile phone

  • Save more money


What I Specialize In

One on One Credit Analysis Session

Canadian Credit Literacy Program for Newcomer’s

Student Success Session

Credit Courses

(Coming Soon)

It's time to celebrate taking control of your credit!

HerScore has taught me the importance of knowing what is happening with my funds. I feel like I'm in charge and not the banks alone. I feel I'm more enlightened to
options to make a better future for myself and family to come. Thanks, HerScore for
helping me start my investment options during this pandemic. 

- Kalisha P

I would recommend HerScore to anyone whether a beginner or experience in the
avenue of credit. My experience with HerScore one of trust and professionalism.
was able to increase my credit score by 45 points in two months using the strategies
and techniques recommended. I want to thank you so much for opening a lot of
doors that I did not realize were closed due to seemingly minor mistakes and errors
that were negatively affect my score.

- Samson. E

Such professionalism, such style, such grace, such is HerScore. I thought I knew
about credit until I was given a crash course and some hard truths. I am so grateful for your service because without your help I would be fumbling around in the dark when it comes to managing my credit. I appreciate your guidance and patience during the entire process. I only have 1 regret. “I wish I would have taken advantage of your service sooner”.

- Jamal C.

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